CSCA - About Company


Ltd "Control System and Components for Automation-Vinnitsa" was founded in semptember 2010 by high-quality specialists with more than 14 years experience of industrial control process automation for wide range of industries (since 1998 up to 2010 we have worked in the structure of "CSC-Automation" Vinnitsa Branch Ltd). Our clients include enterprises in metallurgy, oil refining, chemical industry, food processing, building materials industry etc.

CSCA’s Main Activities:

Our company offers a full range of works upon automated control systems development and implementation - from the concept and project design to startup and ongoing maintance. This means that you always get everything you need from a single source in the specified terms and with high quality.

Standard scope of work can include all or part of the following:

CSCА’s Work Principles:

If you have tasks that require automatic control, regulation, remote supervision, materials accounting, etc. - contact us - and we'll offer efficient and reliable solution that meets your needs best.