Automatic control system of ferroalloy ore smelting furnace’s electrical mode

Customer: Pobuzhsky Ferronickel Plant Ltd, Kirovograd region Control Object

Hardware / Software: PLC Mitsubishi Electric System Q |Multichannel Logger Siemens/Yokogawa | CitectSCADA | ModBus | Industrial Ethernet

Scope of work: project (field and central parts), supply, installation supervision, commissioning

Year of implementation: 2003 (Furnace 1), 2004 (Furnace 2), 2005 (expansion)

Key features of the system:

  • Total number of actuators:
  • Total number of I / O signals, including:
    - analog inputs:
    - analog outputs:
    - digital inputs:
    - digital outputs:
  • Total number of control cabinets:


System Structure Control Room PLC Control Cabinet PLC Control Cabinet Control Panel

* this project was developed and implemented while working in "CSC-Automation" Vinnitsa Branch Ltd

Projects by Industry

Standard project includes:

  • Automation Plans
  • Schematic Diagrams (electrical, pneumatic, etc.)
  • Connection Diagrams and External Wiring Connections
  • Drawings of Equipment and External Wiring Location
  • Specification of Equipment and Materials
  • Estimates for Installation, Commissioning etc.
  • Documentation for Control Cabinets and Operating Consoles
  • PLC and SCADA Software
  • Operation and maintenance documentation (including operator manuals, instructions for maintenance, software and hardware description etc.)